Clear stilettos are super sharp, long, and have a uniquely deep c-curve. Nail tips come in ten different sizes that are subtly pre-numbered for ease of use and arrive in a durable carrying case.

Included are 200 stiletto false nails, 20 nails each size. All nails are made of 100% ABS plastic.

  • Super Sharp and Curved – Our stiletto nails are the sharpest available with the deepest curve.  Because of their deep c-curve, they are most sturdy after product is applied. Worth it because you won’t find a sexier claw anywhere! 
  • Customize and PersonalizeUse our stilettos as half cover nail tips for extensions, or wear them as full cover artificial nails – it’s up to you! Clear stiletto nail tips are easy to file, shape, polish and embellish and you can use them with soft and hard gel, acrylic and dip powder. 
  • Variety of SizesEach box of stiletto false nails include 10 different sizes, 20 nails of each size, for a total of 200 nail tips. The different sizes ensure a great fit for most fingernails.
  • Nails for Any OccasionClear stiletto nails are great for showing off your nail art, quickly extending your own nails, and for the art of drag, cosplay and makeup artistry.  They make a great gift for your creative friends too. 

Each package includes one box of stiletto false nails.  

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